lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009

Entry nº 28: Advantages and disadvantages of fame.

Who has not wished of being a famous star once in life? It seems so exciting to live in the lime-light and to enjoy of the luxurious life style and the advantages of fame, that we never think about the disavantages of living as a famous star.
As it is widely know famous people enjoy of multiple advantages such as the special treatment that they receive wherever they go. As a consequence of their public recognition, they have free access to the most fancy and fashionable places like pubs, clubs, discos and restaurants, there they are given VIP treatment in a private launges where ordinary people are not allowed. Another important adventage is public affection, which for many, is the most precious gift of fame. No matter if you are a movie star, a top chart singer or a sport player, there will be thousands of fans following you everywhere and trying to tell you how much they love and admire you and will do anything to have your autograph or even some of your personal belongings. Last but not least, fame ensures fortune. Famous people eran huge amounts of money along their careers especially when they apper on television or give exclusive interviews, so that many of them can afford the most expensive luxuries ever imagined.
On the other hand, fame and fortune have their disadvantages on public recognition involves also lack or privacy and security. When you are rich and famous you are always being chased by the flashes of the paparazzi, your family is also exposed to the stalking of the media and what is worse criminals identify them and they can become vulnerable victims of kidnapping. Therefore you and your family have to live like prisoners in your own home in order to try to keep them protected.
In my opinion to be a famous star requires physical and mental strength because although fame and fortune seem an irresistible offer, you have to give your entire life in return. But when I think of the public affection that one would receive, it seems the right price to pay.

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